Long Term Player Development, Six to Six Nations

The IRFU & Rugby Development

The IRFU is committed to the development of rugby and rugby players of all ages.

In this section you will find information on our Long Term Player Development model, which provides an integrated framework to facilitate the development of rugby players at all levels of participation and experience.

You will also find detailed information http://www.munsterrugby.ie/files/downloads/LTPD_Brochure_FINAL.pdf

The LTPD model is intended to provide a common reference point for all participants in Irish Rugby with the aim
of ensuring a more enjoyable and productive experience for all (players, coaches, parents, spectators, referees &
The three key principles underlying the IRFU LTPD are:
1. The model is Player-centred – all aspects of the model are appropriate to the capacities of participants at each stage.

These capacities are: Lifestyle, Physical, Tactical, Mental and Technical.

2. The model is Long-term – the reality is there are no short-cuts in developing competencies to levels of excellence.
A widely accepted belief is that it takes ten years of proper coaching to produce a world-class athlete or player.
3. Collective alignment between relevant people & structures throughout a players rugby playing experience is the final
principle behind the LTPD. This requires all participants who contribute to the development and experience of players
to co-operate ensuring that all aspects of the LTPD are aligned.
The IRFU LTPD is a six-stage model, servicing participants ‘from 6 to 6 Nations’. These stages are shown below;